C'est dommage que certains arts soient négligés ou peu connus du public chez nous. Il y a quelques années j’ai découvert Grand Corps Malade et par la même occasion le slam. Une poésie chantée, il fallait y penser! Un jour j’ai appris que sous nos cieux, oui en Côte d’Ivoire, il y a des slameurs. J’ai même eu l’occasion de m’essayer sur la scène. Dieu merci, pour ce premier essai il n’y avait que quelques paires d’yeux braquées sur moi...
Le vendredi 10 Juin 2016, il y a eu La Nuit du Slam à Abidjan et moi j’étais à San Francisco. Hum goumin… Dieu merci, j’ai découvert les vidéos des prestations sur la page Facebook 100% Afriq.tv. Entre expressions typiquement ivoiriennes et le français de Molière, les slameurs montrent leur maitrise du verbe.

Je suis déçue face au nombre insignifiant de vues des vidéos. Quand on sait les bêtises qu'on regarde souvent, je pense qu’il faut promouvoir un peu plus l’intelligence. Dégustez donc ces prestations. J’ai un coup de cœur particulier pour Amee et Lyne. Allez savoir pourquoi !

The night of Slam in Abidjan

By Gauz 

Sorry my English Folks because you’ll probably have trouble understanding all the great things happening in these videos. I think it’s sad that some arts are neglected or unknown from the public at home. Few years ago, I discovered Grand Corps Malade, and by the same occasion slam poetry. Singing poetry, it had to be invented! One day I learned that there were slam poets in Cote d’Ivoire. I even did a trial myself, thankfully in front of only few people…
On June 10, there was La Nuit du Slam (The Night of Slam) in Abidjan and I was in San Francisco. Such a heartbreak for me. Thanks God, few days ago, I discovered some videos of the performances on the Facebook page 100%Afriq.tv. Between typically Ivorian expressions and the French of Moliere, the slam poets showed that they master the verb.

I am disappointed by the low number of views on these videos. Knowing all the stupids stuffs we watch online, I think it would be great to promote intelligence. Since you won’t be able to understand the video if you are not a French speaker, I am translated one of the poems I loved from Amee.

By Gauz
An expression based on I don’t know what criteria
Transformed in a way of thinking, she went around the earth
She unfairly imposed herself with a global success
Because we, the concerned didn’t judge important to silence her
One day, we let a man say that women were the weaker sex
And our silence led to believe that we were actually weak
We let ourselves be intimidated by their apparent force
We let them talk without any blame
Far from the intention to have the makings of a propagandistic
No I am not a wild activist
I am not trying neither to play the polemicist
But my condition assigns me the task of condemning this macho point of view
Adam! What’s the foundation of the superiority you claim?
Is it the fact that Eve was created from you?
Or did you just relied on the severity of your voice
To proclaim yourself as the sole holder of power
Adam you decreed that Eve was weak because she is the most sensitive
Or is it because equality in the difference, for you is unacceptable
Yes Adam, you Adam, you only considered your robustness
As sole criterion for distinguishing between strength and weakness
But if Eve was weak because created from one of your ribs
Nature itself would have never allowed you to live side by side
Adam if you were the strongest
The Almighty would have not judge necessary to send you a help
Adam if it was indisputable that the power belonged to men only
You wouldn’t have the weakness to eat that apple
Adam, if you had the bravest soul
You would have never been asleep when God created the woman
If Eve was weak, she wouldn’t have the burden of childbirth
And anyway, Eve is no longer content to give birth to your children
Eve, is no longer waiting for you to come back from hunting or harvest
Eve has learned to make nets to catch fish
You thought you were the strongest and bravest
Didn’t you?
But the Eve you thought was weak is now following your steps
Yes Adam
Eve is now warrior, erudite, sovereign, chancellor, professor, minister, president, queen
Eve is no longer waiting under your shadow
Because the Eve that you knew Adam is now a fighter
To my humble opinion
The human is a coin and we are only the faces
There is no need to fight over who gets first place
Each human being is both weak and strong
The woman is not the weaker sex
I proclaim it loudly! 


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